How to Find the Best Anniversary Party House for you

Whether you want to book an impressive large house in England, Wales, Scotland or Ireland, features one of the best selections to be found in the UK.

The best anniversary party house for your group of friends and family will depend on your wants and needs.

  • Do you want to party until the early hours?  Book a country house rental with no near neighbours where there aren’t strict noise restrictions.


  • Do you want to dance and have a disco?  Look out for properties with a disco room or a function room where you can all dance and make merry.


  • Do you need to bring pets with you?  If you need to bring pet dogs with you, remember to book dog-friendly accommodation which will accept the number of dogs you need to accommodate.

It’s also important to think about the best choice of location.  Do you need to book accommodation near your home town or in a central location easily accessible for all guests?

Wherever you opt to book; be it a mansion, a manor, an old rectory, a castle or a country estate, we hope you have a fabulous anniversary celebrating your precious years of marriage on