How to Find the Best Large Country House Rental for your Birthday Celebration

When it comes to finding the best rental, this will vary from group to group depending on your needs and preferences.  It’s key to have a clear idea on:
Budget; can you share costs with friends and family.  Have you determined your maximum budget?
Location; do you want to rent a property within a few hours drive of your house or are you happy to take a break further afield?  If your friends and family are coming from far and wide, you may want to choose a central destination point.
Facilities; have a think about the sorts of facilities you want or need in a country house rental.  Do you want to rent a house with a swimming pool or a hot tub for relaxation?  Or do you prefer the idea of booking a property with a games room or maybe a tennis court for fun and competitive sport with friends and family?
Capacity and Number of Bedrooms; Country houses have a maximum number of people that are permitted to stay, so be sure to find the right size property for your break to avoid any issues or disappointments.
Pet-Friendly; Does your chosen property need to be dogs-welcome to accommodate four-legged friends?  If so, get a clear idea of the number of dogs that need to stay too and be sure to check with property owners that they are willing to accept the number of dogs you have.

Party It Up at your Chosen Country House

Wherever in the UK you opt to book a birthday party house, whether England, Wales, Scotland or Ireland, we hope your celebration goes with a bang and that you and your nearest and dearest have a fabulous time.