How to Save with Stays in a Budget Country House

Also, remember, costs can be shared across members of your family and friends, and when taken on a price per person basis, large country house accommodation can work out good value compared to traditional hotel stays.  

Another factor when staying in self-catered accommodation, is that you can often save on additional costs associated with hotel stays; like breakfast and dinner.  Obviously you will need to buy your own food when staying in large country house self-catering to cover your breakfast, lunch and dinner, but your group can definitely save by dining in, rather than dining out.

Many groups too, find that there is a budding chef amongst them who is happy to cook for the group and show off their culinary talents.  It’s advisable to rent a property with dishwasher(s) to make your holiday as stress-free and easy as possible.

Finding the Best Budget Country House

When planning a budget country house break, remember that with destinations like London and the South East, budget accommodation will be hard if not impossible to find.  With cheaper areas though like Wales or the North of England, finding a country house rental that is wallet-friendly may be way more achievable.  Scotland too may be more inexpensive than around London and the surrounding area, as a general rule.
Wherever in the UK you want to holiday with your friends and family, we hope you find an economical country house option for you on