What Type of Leisure Facilities Best Suit your Group?

Large country house rentals with games rooms

Do your group love to have fun and enjoy a bit of competitive spirit?  Do games like snooker, pool, table tennis or table football appeal to your friends and family?  If so, your group may want to rent a manor, mansion or country estate with an onsite games room, for hours of competitive sport, fun and entertainment.


Mansions and Manors with Hot Tubs

Hot tubs have become increasingly popular with groups over recent years and are particularly popular with groups like hen parties.  There’s something so relaxing about lying back in a warm bubbly spa bath and indulging in the wonderful bubbles of a hot tub, that can help to make a holiday truly special.  Add to that, lots of giggles and laughter with friends, and maybe a glass of your favourite wine in a plastic glass, along with fine views, and it’s easy to see why hot tubs can offer sheer bliss.


Large Country Houses with Pools

Swimming Pools always seem to be associated with holidays abroad in hot countries but there are plenty of country house holidays in the UK and Ireland with an onsite swimming pool for your leisure and enjoyment. Swimming pools come in all shapes and sizes from a 25m lane pool to a circular dip pool or swim spa, but all provide you with an extra luxury whilst staying in your very own large country house. Often privately located within the grounds, typically at mansions and manors, you can enjoy the waters of your swimming pool, safe in the knowledge that you won’t be interrupted by holidaymakers outside of your group, and can enjoy your holiday at your own pace with your family and friends.

Whether you like to keep fit and do lengths, enjoy a refreshing dip in pool waters or want to splash around having fun with the kids, country house rentals with pools tend to come at a premium, but for many the extra cost is well worth it.


Find the Best Country House with Leisure Facilities for you

The above is a taster of some of the most sought after type of country house holidays with leisure facilities.  What appeals to your group will depend on the interests of your friends and family.  Some groups may prefer to rent a country house with large gardens and football goals or croquet, or a tennis court, depending on what your group enjoy doing.  Whatever your wants and preferences, we hope you find the perfect country house with leisure facilities to rent for you.