Find Large Country Houses by Number of Bedrooms

Here at, our aim is to help you find your dream mansion, manor or country estate to rent for your special event or occasion.  A key requirement for many groups is finding accommodation by number of bedrooms.  Large country houses as standard typically have atleast 5 bedrooms, so here we have listed country house rentals with 5 bedrooms plus for your big group gatherings.


Large Country Houses with 5 Bedrooms

Need to find a country house rental with atleast 5 bedrooms, search our list.



Large Country House Rentals with 6 Bedrooms

Want to rent a large country house with 6 bedrooms?  Find rentals with six bedrooms and more:



Large Country Houses with 7 Bedrooms

Mansions, country estates and manors to rent with 7 or more bedrooms.



Country Estates, Manors and Mansions with 8 Bedrooms

Need to rent a country house property with atleast 8 bedrooms?  Search eight bedroom country houses:



Large Country Houses to Rent with 9 Bedrooms

Want to book a large country house with atleast 9 bedrooms?  Browse rentals with nine bedrooms:



Large Country Houses with 10 Bedrooms

From country estates to large manors and old rectories, browse some of the UK’s best large country houses with 10 bedrooms.



Country House Rentals with 11 + Bedrooms

Need accommodation for a really large group?  Find country houses to rent with 11 bedrooms plus.



Whatever size group you are looking to accommodate and however many number of bedrooms you need in your chosen rental, we hope you find the perfect manor, mansion, old rectory or country estate to rent on