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Large Luxury Country houses with Swimming pool/Hot tub

Luxury self-catering large country house in Devon Large Luxury country house in Somerset sleeps 16

Large luxury country house in Wiltshire

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Swimming Pools and Hot tubs always seem to be associated with holidays abroad in hot countries but why cant you have a swimming pool on your luxury country house holiday in the beautiful landscapes of the UK and Ireland. Bringing a added sense of luxury and opulence to an already very luxurious property, swimming pools and hot tubs can really enhance your holiday. Whether you like to keep fit and enjoy staying active whilst on your holiday or simply wish to relax and indulge in the wonderful bubbles of a hot tub with a glass of your favourite wine, there is something to suit everyone.

Swimming pools come in all shapes and sizes from a 25m lane pool to a circular dip pool, but all provide you with an extra luxury whilst staying in your very own large country house. Often privately located within your premises you can enjoy your swimming pool or hot tub safe in the knowledge that you wont be interrupted by anyone and can enjoy your holiday at your own pace with your family and friends.

Large luxury country houses are often used for family get togethers, celebrations, large family holidays and other occasions such as weddings, all of which could be improved by the access to your very own pool. Whether you have guests spending the night after your event that may wish to enjoy the facilities in the day or if you have children who will need to be entertained, swimming pools can be a perfect addition to your luxury country house, if not only to wear out the kids and keep them out of the way!

If your planning on having a very sophisticated gathering, party or holiday with friends then hot tubs can provide an extra sense of opulence and fun. Enjoy relaxing amongst the bubbles with a glass of champagne or beer before or after your luxurious celebration or dinner party in the evening.

Large luxury country houses with swimming pools or hot tubs can be found to suit any occasion or guest list.



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